About OnQ Software

Who we are - Lab Grown

OnQ Software are LIMS experts with a proven track record in delivering real benefits for laboratories around the globe. OnQ Software is Australia’s only locally based LIMs software provider. But our uniqueness isn’t in our location, it’s in our process. We’ve worked with scientific leaders for over two decades and understand that no two laboratories are ever the same. Our service goes further than selling out of the box solutions, we partner with you every step of the way, to create an information management system as unique as your lab. OnQ Software offers a single point of contact for your business, so you can receive personal, consistent and reliable service. They’re supported by a team of developers, focused on the scientific and business objectives of your business. From training, to implementation, servicing and updating, our team will work with you every step of the way to create an information management system that is truly lab grown.

Your partner in the lab; now, tomorrow and in to the future

Working with OnQ

The Promise

We create software that forms a natural support to your own scientific skills.

The Strategy

We use our understanding of scientific methodology, processes and technology to create a system to fit your lab exactly.

The Story

Our focus goes deeper than the code. To make a lab its most effective, the systems need to be designed to support both the science and the people.

The Freshness

We embrace the challenge of innovating, challenging and developing to find the perfect fit. We believe there is a better way of doing things for every lab, not just settling for a generic out of the box solution.

The Experience

We offer each of our clients a personalised experience. Our team of experts go above and beyond to create the best solution for your lab. And the relationship doesn't stop at launch. We're with you, ready to help, every day afterwards.

Technical Experts

LIMS Experts - Founded in 1992, global implementations Web based since 1997, Cloud Enabled, Custom development services. Australian Owned - Melbourne Based.

Benefits to Clients

We offer industry leading quality

We work with software that leads the industry for quality control, data integrity and reliability. Our LIMS systems remove the risk of human error and the data trail is completely auditable.

We create systems as unique as your lab

Our software can either be purchased Out of the Box, or customised to meet your lab requirements. No two labs are the same and our ability to tailor the software to your needs helps you achieve the best reporting, efficiency and productivity gains your lab can.

We understand laboratory conditions

Our team has a background in research science as well as software development. We talk your language and understand the unique requirements of running a laboratory.

We will be your partner. Now, tomorrow and in the future

We're in this for the long haul. The partnerships we develop last for decades. We understand that purchasing the LIMs is only the first step. Our support continues from day one and every day that follows.

Letter from the founder

In the 25 years OnQ Software has been servicing laboratories there's one thing that's clear; no two labs are ever the same.

Nick Gannoulis
Founder & Managing Director, OnQ Software

I started my career as a Research Scientist at St Vincent’s Hospital. This was back in the days when all labs ran on manual, paper systems. It was just ‘the way things were done’. It worked, to an extent, but as technology developed, improved, became easier to access, I wanted to find better ways, systems, processes to help labs reach their full potential. Just as no two labs are the same, no two information management systems should be. We’ve worked across laboratories of all sizes, in all industries and have gathered a unique set of insights that help us tailor solutions for each laboratory we work with. Our learnings extend beyond the software and we work with our partners to create better, more efficient lab processes. Continuous improvement is ingrained with the team at OnQ Software. We are continually seeking better ways to service your lab. Our developers are based, with us, in Australia, so you will always have access to the people that are building, maintaining and improving your systems. It’s just one of the ways we keep our partnership with you transparent. We will also be honest with you, about what you need to take your lab where you want it to go. We’re not about the quick fix, we are about the right fix. We look forward to building a partnership with you today, tomorrow and into the future.