Alphatech provides products and services that support academic & medical research institutes, and pharmaceutical, biotech, food, water and industrial companies, in their efforts to improve animal, human and environmental condition.

Alphatech has been serving science and technology since 1982, providing essential and renowned technology based solutions. We are now headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and conduct business around New Zealand and further afield.

With the range of branded products we carry, we have access to almost every research, testing and process laboratory in New Zealand.

Alphatech distribute for OnQ Software throughout New Zealand

The corporation of ELBIS is active and operates in the field of applied electronics mostly focusing on the design and production of reliable and innovative electronic products. Its industry foresight and continuous research plans led to the development of advanced technological applications, offering products and solutions to the manufacturing sector, to medical, petroleum, transportation, and many others. Today a numerous companies and professionals are using the company’s products and trust ELBIS for its quality products, as well as its highly professional technical/service support




All Eights commenced business in 1983 as a distributor for In-Vitro Clinical Diagnostic products/systems. Our objective is to provide clinical laboratories with high quality products which improves their current work flow and systems in this fast developing industry. We have also grown through the years, by building up our technical support team of Engineers and Application Specialists to service customer's instruments. We have also ventured into related software in order to integrate our instruments, systems and quality management seamlessly in this current I.T. age.

OVSys Ltd. is a Global IT and software enterprise that has been established since 1998. OVSys is a leading provider of professional services and solutions. Their field of expertise and services encompasses:

  • Plant Information Management System
  • Laboratory Information System
  • OPC and Communication
  • Alarm and Management Software
  • IT Network Security Services
  • Development of Software Applications
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • IT Infrastructure Setup