BaseSpace™ Clarity LIMS



BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold is a system built specifically for the needs of genomics laboratories to provide workflow tracking and integration, time-saving automation for complex and mundane tasks, preconfigured workflows, management reporting functionality, support for regulatory compliance, and role-based interfaces designed to match the needs of individuals in the lab and collaborators/clients.

Genomics and mass spec labs face multiple information management challenges, such as frequently changing lab workflows, integration of rapidly evolving instruments and tools, cross-organization collaborations, stringent regulatory compliance standards, and overloaded IT and Informatics teams. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS transcends the idea that LIMS systems are a necessary evil and addresses these challenges by streamlining workflows and automating mundane tasks, freeing up staff to tackle more important work.

Experience BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

When evaluating a LIMS, labs should choose a system that:

  • Tracks samples and workflows throughout sample acquisition, preparation, instrument operation and analysis.
  • Collects quality control and accreditation data.
  • Includes workflows that fit easily into genomics.
  • Allows for the automation of repetitive work.
  • Can easily be customized or configured without additional professional services fees.
  • Includes preconfigured and customizable reports.
  • Provides role-specific interfaces.

Why BaseSpace Clarity LIMS?

Implement your LIMS in weeks, not months

Keep up with the speed of sequencing. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS implements into your business easily and quickly. Our team will get you using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS in weeks, not months.

From Lab Bench to Boardroom

Project, workflow, capacity, sample and alert status anywhere you go. Mobile friendly, real-time status and reporting dashboards. There's no need to run time-consuming reports to see the health of your lab projects or workflows.

Clarity LIMS Development Services

LIMS experts and developers with a proven track record of delivering value to companies in all areas of life sciences and industry can offer BaseSpace Clarity LIMS customers the ability to extend their LIMS and realise the benefits of an integrated IT ecosystem.