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40 Samples Per Month
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Sample and Batch ManagerAll available,
Enquire directly with OnQ
All available,
Enquire directly with OnQ
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Result Entry By Sample
Result Entry by Cross Tab
Worklist Manager/ Result Entry
Chain of Custody
Customer Address Book
Method/Test Manager
Test Suite Manager
Project Manager
Instrument Maintenance and Calibration
QLIMS Events, Units, Look Up Manager and Incremental Numbering
Report Creation****
QLIMS Optional Modules Autoschedular, Stability, Reduced\Audit Testing & Sample Planning, CAPA, Customer Specification & Product Re-grading, Confirmatory Testing, Multi-site\Laboratory Module, Forumlation Module, Training Management Module, Material & Inventory Management, Pricing\Quotation\Invoicing Module, Worklist Module, QA\QC Module, Electronic Signature(CFR21 Part 11), Sample Splitting & Collation Module, Bottle\Container Manager, Out of Specification Manager, Batch Template, Site\Location\Tank Module, Repository(Storage & Disposal), CommentsMaximum of 2 modules*Maximum of 4 modules*Unlimited choice of Modules*
Customisation Available
On-Premise Implementation
Instrument Integration (Unidirectional - Text, CSV or XML file)**
Customer Portal**
QLIMS API (Requires Services for Integration)*
General Cloud with ONQ HTTPSEnquireEnquire
Private Cloud with Customer provided HTTPS***EnquireEnquire

*Additional service and service fees available upon request