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LIMS as a Platform. Effective, functional, modern, scalable and affordable laboratory informatics .

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OnQ Software Provides best in class LIMS with QLIMS

We offer industry leading quality and data management

We create software that leads the industry for quality control, data integrity and reliability. Our LIMS solution removes the risk of human error and the lab data trail is completely auditable.

We create systems as unique as your lab

Our software can either be purchased off the shelf or customized to meet your lab’s specific requirements. No two labs are the same and our ability to tailor the software to your needs helps achieve the best efficiency and productivity gains your lab possibly can.

OnQ Software - LIMS
OnQ Software - LIMS

We understand laboratory conditions

Our team has a background in research science and software development. We talk your language and understand the unique requirements of running a laboratory.

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OnQ Software - LIMS

Lab grown LIMS

OnQ Software - LIMS

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OnQ Software - LIMS

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