BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system that helps genomics labs track samples and manage workflows for an optimized and efficient lab.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold is a system built specifically for the needs of genomics laboratories to provide workflow tracking and integration, time-saving automation for complex and mundane tasks, preconfigured workflows, management reporting functionally, support for regulatory compliance, and role-based interfaces designed match the needs of individuals in the lab and collaborators/clients.

Labs should choose a system that

  • Tracks samples and workflows throughout sample acquisition, preparation, sequencing and analysis.

  • Collect quality control and accreditation data. Includes workflows that fit easily into genomics.

  • Allows for the automation of repetitive work.

  • Can be easily configured

  • Provides role-specific interfaces.

Experience BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

Implement your LIMS in weeks


Keep up with the speed of sequencing. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS implements into your business easily and quickly. Our team will get you using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS in weeks, not months.

From Lab Bench to Boardroom


Project, workflow, capacity, sample and alert status anywhere you go. Mobile friendly, real-time status and reporting dashboards. There’s no need to run time-consuming reports to see the health of your lab projects or workflows.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Development Services

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is a powerful and flexible laboratory information management system designed specifically for genomics laboratories. One of BaseSpace Clarity’s distinguishing strengths is its Application Programming Interface (API). Customers can use the API to extend the LIMS with functionality that is unique to their environment, often achieving a greater
return on investment. Some of the extensions that customer can implement include:

Automating sample tracking, manual work, or analysis pipelines, streamlining accounting and resource management duties by integrating to other enterprise systems such as billing or ERP systems and providing context to samples by integrating with an EMR system

For customers who don’t have internal software development resources, an Illumina Development Partner has certified developers who can do the work. Our Certified BaseSpace Clarity Application Developer, CCAD, program targets experienced software developers for training with the API. Once certified, these developers obtain CCAD status and can work with customer to extend their BaseSpace Clarity LIMS system. Illumina Development Partners also provide on-going support for any work performed by their CCAD’s.

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