A SaaS sample management solution for sample storage, tracking and repository management that is easy to set up, and simple to run.

The easy way to manage your sample storage

When you are running a busy lab, you need a simple, secure way to keep track of all your physical samples. Introducing BiobanQ – an innovative software-as-a-service solution for specimen storage and tracking.
BiobanQ offers an affordable solution for laboratories of all sizes, with a low cost of ownership and no hidden fees.

Graphical repository builder

Easily design your repository using the drag and drop tools to match your actual repository. Then when your done import your sample data using the step by step wizard.

Create a faster, more efficient lab

Tap into the benefits of our sample tracking tool – to drive efficiency, save time
and boost accuracy through your quality assurance and quality control processes.


Simple Dynamic Reporting

BiobanQ allows laboratories to easily generate reports on their stored samples. With just a few clicks, users can access real-time data on sample availability, location and other key metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their biobanking operations for greater efficiency and productivity.

Track Aliquots Movement

BiobanQ’s aliquot tracking feature allows for accurate tracking and traceability of samples, regardless of type. Suited for all sample types, from biological to food to pharmaceutical, it provides users with confidence in their sample management and tracking capabilities.

OnQ Software - BiobanQ

API Integration

BiobanQ integrates seamlessly with external systems like LIMS, LIS, temperature control systems and more… It allows for efficient data transfer, reducing the risk of errors, and eliminating manual data entry. The API integration is fully customizable, ensuring compatibility and reliability with a wide range of external systems.

Barcode Compatible

BiobanQ allows for easy and accurate sample tracking using barcodes. It streamlines laboratory processes, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors. This feature is especially useful for high-throughput labs dealing with large sample volumes. Barcode Compatibility helps improve sample tracking and management capabilities, leading to increased productivity and better research outcomes.

OnQ Software - BiobanQ

Configuration for Inventory Management

The user-friendly interface allows for easy customization of data fields, reports, and workflows, making it easy to adapt to changing laboratory requirements. Easily design a graphical repository to match your actual repository, while smart keywords make it easy to identify samples. Perfect inventory management for your laboratory.

Protected Health Information

Our biobanking solution is perfect to set up protected health information through the user permissions to mask identifying information from those who do not need to see it. 

OnQ Software - BiobanQ

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    Data Driven

    Reduce potential laboratory bottlenecks by utilizing fast filters, dynamic reports and statuses to manage the flow of data.

    Web based

    BiobanQ is a totally web based application. All you need is a supported browser. No other plugins or applications.

    Friendly Support

    Need help? Our friendly support team will make sure your experience is always the best through our online portal and knowledge base.