Bluechiip has developed an IT-based temperature and identification tracking solution for biosamples in the health and life sciences industry. The system represents a generational change from current methods such as labels (hand-written and pre-printed), barcodes (linear and 2D) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

About Bluechiip

The bluechiip° technology has initial applications in the healthcare industry particularly those businesses which require cryogenic storage facilities (biobanks and biorepositories). Several other key markets outside of healthcare include cold-chain logistics/supply chain, security/defence, industrial/manufacturing and aerospace/aviation.

The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial has been designed for the storage and transportation of biological material. With the smart chiip technology embedded into the base, the bluechiip® cryovial provides identification and temperature sensing of the sample contents. The bluechiip® cryovial is manufactured from UPS class VI polypropylene.

The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial is self-standing with a self-locking base for automatic or manual handling and has external threads which reduce the risk of contamination. It can be autoclaved (121 °C) in an upright position with caps loosened and is manufactured from polypropylene to withstand temperatures to -196C. The vial is certified nonpyrogenic and RNase -/ DNase-free, comes sterilised by gamma irradiation and and has a silicone washer for a secure seal. Using the bluechiip® 2ml cryovial allows rapid identification and monitoring of temperature to the sample level during storage, retrieval and other laboratory tasks for faster and more reliable sample retrieval. The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial can be associated with 1D and 2D barcodes as a secondary identifier to further streamline the inventory management system in the biobanking process.

bluechiip® racks and towers are made from high-grade stainless steel for durability, strength and corrosion resistance. bluechiip® offers a 6 and 8 bay rack designed to store 6 or 8 aluminium cassettes (canisters), and a 12-bay tower to store cryogenic boxes.

The bluechiip® racks incorporate a hooking handle notch to tilt the rack towards the closed side to prevent the cassettes from falling out. This design feature is further enhanced by the unique anti-slip mechanism that prevents bluechiip® polycarbonate cassette sliding out during handling. bluechiip® racks and towers are a stand-alone product that can also be fitted with a bluechiip CryoTag™ that enables temperature and identification tracking to the sample level.

The Hand-Held Reader scans Bluechiip-enabled Cryovials, CryoTags, and 1D and 2D barcodes. Its large screen and buttons allow easy operation, even when the operator is wearing bulky Cryogloves. The Hand-Held Reader runs Stream sample management software and can work as a stand-alone unit or via a wireless connection to a central database. It can also be integrated with other sample management software through simple WebAPI commands. Pre-series units are available for final pre-production feedback. For OEMs, Bluechiip has hardware for integration with automated or manual systems.

The Matchbox™ reader is the transaction point to read the bluechiip® cryovial and CryoTag™ to track and record the identification and temperature to the individual sample level. The Matchbox™ Reader is able to read both vials and bluechiip® smart chiip enabled racks, cassettes, towers and tanks without interrupting the thermal stability of the biosample and its environment.

The Matchbox™ Reader comprises a web server together with a database that matches the bluechiip®smart chiip against pre-recorded data related to the individual biosample. The Matchbox™ Reader provides a graphical interface on the front of the unit that allows the Stream™ Software to deliver benchmark levels of consistency, reliability, efficacy and robustness to ensure quality and viability of biosamples from the time of collection to disposal or dispatch.

bluechiip® patented polycarbonate cassettes are designed to store blood bags containing platelet and plasma concentrates. The polycarbonate cassettes are 76% cooler than aluminium cassettes when removed from liquid nitrogen, have a clear window, can be colour coded and have a unique anti-slip mechanism that prevents them sliding out of racks when being handled.

The bluechiip® cassette safeguards your plasma and platelet concentrates against unwanted thermal excursions. The polycarbonate material overcomes fundamental problems with aluminium cassettes that demonstrate poor thermal properties; are generally sharp, slippery and clunky to handle. The bluechiip® cassette has a simple open and close function and a clear window for immediate identification of a sample or barcode. Multiple colours provide a 3rd identifier to group specific samples or project. Each bluechiip® cassette has a locking mechanism to prevent it from sliding out of a bluechiip® rack during handling. The cassettes and racks are stand-alone products that can also be fitted with a bluechiip CryoTag™ that enables temperature and identification tracking to the sample level.

The Multi-Vial Reader scans the ID and temperature of 100 (10×10) vials in a Bluechiip CryoBox. The Multi-Vial Reader can sense the ID of the CryoBox, and the vials in it, via the CryoBoxTag. The CryoBox has an open bottom, allowing the reading of individual barcoded vials. Multi-Vial Readers need to be ordered with a corresponding Matchbox reader to operate and display the CryoBox maps, which display vial positions and other information. The Multi-Vial Reader supports a ColdTop (sold separately), an insulated dry-ice box which surrounds the CryoBox . This helps maintain a cold environment, which preserves sample quality.

Stream™ is a web-based sample management and temperature chain-of-custody application for biosamples stored in cryogenic environments. Stream™ is designed to track the sample management process and the custodian, location and sample temperature of each individual biosample. Stream™ can be integrated with current LIMS systems or used as a stand-alone sample management system.

Stream™ is a web-based program that interacts with a graphical user interface on the Matchbox reader and has been design to be used out-of-the-box without any server installation so you can get started straight away. Stream™ can be configured with multiple readers served from one Matchbox™ reader or deployed on your local Linux server. Stream™ supports ISBER and CAP Best Practices and provides biobanks with an intuitive and efficient scientific management of cryogenically stored biospecimens.

The CryoTag™ incorporates the bluechiip® smart chiip, and all the benefits of the tag are available for racks, cassettes, towers and tanks. The smart chiip is embedded into the base of the CryoTag™ that is inserted into a mounting module. The CryoTag™ is supplied pre-sterilised but may be re-sterilised at any time by autoclaving or gamma irradiation without any degradation or loss of function.

Every time a CryoTag™ is read, the instantaneous temperature is measured, time stamped and recorded. This allows a storage hierarchy and temperature history to be recorded to provide a more complete chain of custody. The CryoTag™ allows faster and more reliable sample retrieval and reduces exposure to liquid nitrogen for sample handlers and improve OH&S. The CryoTag™ can be associated with 1D and 2D barcodes as a secondary identifier to further streamline the biosample management system through real time location and temperature tracking.

The smart chiip is a patented and highly miniaturised device that enables the bluechiip® chain-of-custody system. The smart chiip features instantaneous measurement of temperature and identification while being immune to extreme environments such as cryogenic storage and gamma irradiation making it suitable for biobank operations.
Each smart chiip contains Lorentz force resonators tuned to frequencies between 1.3mHz and 4.1mHz. The device is passive, in that it does not require power but when the resonators are stimulated they return a signal that indicates the unique identification and temperature of each smart chiip. The unique identification number is programmed during the manufacturing process and the tag is checked by an internal BCH error detection and correction code. Every time a smart chiip is read, the instantaneous temperature is measured, time stamped and recorded. This allows a temperature history to be recorded to provide a more complete chain of custody. The smart chiip will survive sterilisation by autoclaving or gamma irradiation with no degradation or loss of function.

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