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QLIMS New LES Module – Interactive Digital SOPs

We are pleased to announce the addition of our new LES (laboratory execution system) functionality to the QLIMS platform further enabling Lab 4.0 and the paperless, digital laboratory.


The Laboratory Execution System (LES) functionality guides laboratory technicians through each step of a method to ensure correct and accurate SOP execution and captures the complete process history.


Driven by a combination of market demand and feature requests from our respected customers who want LES functions integrated directly to their existing laboratory workflows. This module is pragmatic, easy to use and efficient.


In regulated environments all steps of the analytical process needs to be documented. At the same time the LES helps the laboratory technicians work interactively through the processes of their standard operating procedure (SOP).


LES functionality can step in to help new employees or not laboratory personal to perform analytical activities in a controlled environment.




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Lab Innovations Conference this Week

Together with our UK partner, Software 4 Labs, we will be attending the Lab Innovations conference this week, November 2nd and 3rd, at the NEC in Birmingham.


On our booth, G2, will be Ron Kessels and Frank Smith who have a wealth of knowledge and experience both as scientists and helping labs go digital through LIMS and informatics solutions.


At the show, the industry will meet to launch its products and innovations to the UK’s leading gathering of lab professionals, suppliers, and manufacturers. Lab professionals across all sectors will be able to discover sustainable lab initiatives, secure the latest tech, join exciting free conferences to earn CPD points and explore new ways of future-proofing labs. Supported by some of the UK’s top science institutions, it is a key event for powering the business of science.


For a sneak peak visit our virtual booth.

Lab Innovations 2022

Lab Innovations 2022

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Enhanced Stability Management with QLIMS

Managing stability studies is becoming more important for all food & beverage companies as well as pharmaceutical-related businesses.


QLIMS’ latest update to its Stability Manager keeps our customers ahead of future needs.

  • Different protocols can be set up to be used within stability schedules.
  • Once approved, samples are scheduled to be pulled.
  • Resource planning can be made as QLIMS automatically sets up calendar events for the scheduled workload.
  • Once the scheduled date arrives the samples become active for result entry.

    A completely new Stability Dashboard keeps track of all activities and gives the users and lab management an inside view of the active studies, all on one screen.


    OnQ Software - LIMS Stability Management

    OnQ Software - LIMS Stability Management

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Target Analysis at the Chem22 Conference in Athens, Greece.

Visit our QLIMS dealers, Vasilios Tsatsanias and Kostas Tsarhopoulos from Target Analysis at the Chem22 conference in Athens, Greece.

Speak with them to learn how you future proof your laboratory with the latest in scientific technology and how QLIMS can help to optimise your operations.

Join hundreds of like minded managers, scientists and personnel for laboratories from companies of food & beverage, wine, honey, milk, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, paints, detergents, cleaning materials, water, lubricants, oil, metals, paper, glass, plastics, inks, leather, clothing, construction materials, chemicals, research & development.


OnQ Software - LIMS Stability Management

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Laboratory Business Intelligence Reporting – where does my work come from?

What are the main questions on a Laboratory Manager, Laboratory Director, Quality Manager, COO and/or CFO’s mind which are asked of the laboratory?


There is operational reporting which is metrics related to how the laboratory is performing and useful to know on a regular basis. Examples may be turnaround time for testing and how many samples of what test are being processed.


Then there is what is often classified as management information which aims at informing manager’s of different aspects of the business to help them make better informed decisions. Often related to KPI’s and are the questions often asked by senior management on a Friday afternoon which is needed for a board meeting that afternoon or on Monday morning.


Without the need to access third party solutions, QLIMS Business Intelligence suite is designed to solve this problem and not only provide this information, but in an interactive and visually appealing dashboards that are easily filtered and interpreted. All from within your LIMS as it is the source of truth for laboratory and quality control data.


Here is an example to answer the question of where does my work come from?


QLIMS BI_where does my work come from


For more information you can access our QLIMS Business Intelligence brochure and contact our friendly team.

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Upcoming Events to see QLIMS in 2022

qlims events in 2022

With 2022 seemingly finishing just as fast as it arrived here are the upcoming events that you can meet either the OnQ Software team or one of our esteemed partners;

Chem22 – September 30 to October 2nd

Meet our Greek dealers, Target Analysis at the 11th Exhibition of Chemicals, Equipment and Quality Control held at the Athens Metropolitan Expo Center.

Location: Athens, Greece


LIMS Forum – October 11 to 12

Visit our partners, LIMS at Work, at the annual LIMS Forum being held at the Dorint Hotel in Cologne to learn about QLIMS as a Platform and discuss the latest innovations in laboratory informatics.

Location: Cologne, Germany


Zero Childhood Cancer National Symposium – October 26 to 27

OnQ Software will be in attendance at the the inaugural Zero Childhood Cancer (ZERO) National Symposium being held at the NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre in Sydney, NSW.

Location: Sydney, Australia


Lab Innovations – November 2 to 3

Together with our UK partner, Software 4 Labs, we are pleased to again be attending the Lab Innovations conference being held at the NEC in Birmingham.

At the show, the industry will meet to launch its products and innovations to the UK’s leading gathering of lab professionals, suppliers, and manufacturers.

For a sneak peak visit our virtual booth.

Location: Birmingham, England


Interwinery 2022 Seminar – November 4

Together with our South Australian dealer, ASIS Scientific, we will be in attendance at the Interwinery seminar being held at the Lake Shore Hotel in West Lakes, Adelaide. Speak to us to see how QLIMS supports testing and quality control in the analysis of wine.

Location: Adelaide, Australia


Contact us in advance to book some time in advance at any of the above events and discuss your lab of the future.








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QLIMS present at Analytica Munich June 21-24

One more week till ANALYTICA in Munich.
There is no need for extend budgets, long implementation projects or old technology within your LIMS project.
Visit us at booth Hall B1-536 and discover the QLIMS approach.


OnQ Software - LIMS Stability Management

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FOCUS Article – The Journey to QLIMS as a Platform

Today we are bring to you a special in focus article about the journey to releasing the QLIMS platform. The interview was with our General Manager, Jonathan Gannoulis, and steps through the thought process to revolutionise laboratory informatics:

  1. The Initial Idea – inception and drivers to create QLIMS version 9
  2. Expectations – transition to leading edge
  3. The Journey – creating a future proof LIMS

The interview provides a fantastic insight into the values and thought process to empower an organisation to make significant change.



To learn more about how you can benefit from this approach please feel free to contact our friendly team.

OnQ Software Australia

OnQ Software Europe

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Lab 4.0 – Building the Digital Lab of the Future

In keeping with the theme for the upcoming Analytica conference in Munich, Lab 4.0: digital laboratory for greater efficiency, we want to re-share our recent white paper; Building the QA Lab of the Future


For those who are new to the Lab 4.0 concept it is marked by innovative automation concepts and digitalisation in the laboratory.


Subsequently vendors and service providers to laboratories are challenged to be equally innovative to support this digital transformation. Hence why at OnQ Software we created this white paper to highlight our commitment to innovation and our knowledge of what is required from an informatics side to enable digitalisation and Lab 4.0.

Learn more and download the white paper!

OnQ Software - LIMS Stability Management
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