QLIMS Editions

Available as a SaaS or perpetual license, there is a QLIMS edition to fit any lab.

QLIMS Packages and Functionality Overview

Please contact OnQ Software or one of our dealers to learn more about how these functions can help your laboratory.

QLIMS SaaS Subscription
Batch & Sample Registration
Dynamic Workflow and Results Management
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Google Style Search & Wizard
Laboratory Calendar
User Notes Activity Feed
Barcode Compatibility
Report Generation
Test development
User Friendly Calculations Tool
Contacts Management
Data Upload Wizard
Project Management
Instrument Calibration & Maintenance
Quality Control Charting & Statistics
Data Export Function
Role Based Security
Confirmatory Testing & Workflow
Chain of Custody
User Definable Fields
Screen Configurator
API Access
Instrument Integration
Dynamic Worklists
Materials & Inventory Management
Automatic Sample Scheduling
Business Intelligence Complete Access
Multi Site Setup
OnQ Software - qlims

More Functionality

Other functionality available in QLIMS is, but not limited to:
– Customer portal
– Stability testing
– Formulations management
– Quotation & invoicing
– Training & course tracking
– CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance
– CAPA record management
– Validation support packages
– Product specification and re-grading
– Repository & freezer management
– Template tracking
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