Lab 4.0 - Building the QA lab of the future

Digital technology is becoming essential for businesses across all industries. But in many ways, quality assurance (QA) laboratories — whether they are in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental science or any number of other fields—are still operating with the kind of technology that was around in the 1990s. It’s time to step into the future.

Find out how to get your lab the tools you need today, to be ready for tomorrow

OnQ Software - Lab 4.0

Reduce lead times
by up to 70%

Improve workflows and shorten testing times, moving towards real-time releases.

OnQ Software - Lab 4.0

Reduce errors and rework

Automated data entry and calculations can reduce manual errors and the need for rework.

OnQ Software - Lab 4.0

Lower quality control costs

Through management of confirmatory testing, automated result entry, instrument integration and more.

OnQ Software - Lab 4.0

Ensure instant compliance

Shave weeks off audit preparation time with pre-built reports and barcoded record management.

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Creating the lab of the future

The overarching goals for QA laboratories of data integrity, fewer errors, first time right (FTR) testing and improved turnaround times hasn’t changed. But the need for more mobile testing, and the pressure for greater volumes of testing with the same or fewer resources is adding to these challenges. It’s time for quality assurance and quality control laboratories to embrace digital platforms.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why the way QA labs work has to change

  • The steps successful labs have taken to become paperless, flexible, automated and predictive

  • Tips to ensure you get the most out of your implementation

  • The cost and time savings you can expect to achieve today, tomorrow and beyond

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Transform your lab to be paperless, flexible,
automated and predictive

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