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PathXL announce joint collaboration with Freezerworks

PathXL and Freezerworks are pleased to announce a joint collaboration. The collaboration will enable Freezerworks customers to utilize digital pathology images within their existing software.
The partnership involves the integration of PathXL’s Digital Pathology Plug-In and Freezerworks®, which is focused on freezer inventory, sample tracking and sample management. This enables Freezerworks users to benefit from increased product functionality and efficiency, using the PathXL Plug-In to view stored samples as virtual images on the web browser. Research processes are instantly accelerated by sharing sample data electronically.
Freezerworks is a leading provider of agile sample management software for the biobanking community. Please contact Freezerworks at for more information.
PathXL is a software company dedicated to offering innovative solutions in the digital pathology arena. Please contact PathXL at for further information.
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GenoLogics exhibiting at the 2013 ASHG Conference in Boston

GenoLogics will be exhibiting Clarity LIMS at this years ASHG conference in Boston, MA, USA from October 22-26.
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PathXL and OnQ Software Sign Distribution Agreement for Digital Pathology Workflow

July 2013 – PathXL, a global pioneer in web-based solutions for Digital Pathology and Melbourne-based OnQ Software, a specialist provider of laboratory and life sciences solutions to the AsiaPac market, announced today a new agreement to bring PathXL’s Digital Pathology Workflow Solutions to Australia and New Zealand.

The forging of this agreement enables PathXL to benefit from OnQ’s broad experience of the local market, their extensive customer list and their strong reputation for technical excellence and customer care. The agreement will enable PathXL to develop its market presence in the region and provide a full range of consultancy, implementation and support services to end users, free from the complications of time zones and distance.

OnQ currently distributes a wide range of laboratory and life sciences software on behalf of leading healthcare IT providers.  PathXL’s comprehensive range of digital pathology software applications will bring something new and complementary to OnQ’s portfolio. PathXL has developed products and workflows to address a wide range of digital pathology needs across research, education and clinical –  including Routine Diagnostic Reporting, Resident Training, Frozen Sections, Remote Reporting, Image Analysis, Quality Assurance and Biobank Sample Management.  PathXL has also just launched a range of tumour detection solutions to assist pathologists and laboratory staff to streamline the processes of macrodissection and increase the throughput of samples required for subsequent molecular analysis.

PathXL’s software enables users to upload, archive, search, share, collaborate, educate, analyse, score and report on huge volumes of pathology data. PathXL has been designed to coexist with a wide range of other applications.  Its open and modular architecture, use of standards, adoption of best-in-class open source components helps to integrate PathXL easily with other applications so that users can enjoy the benefits of digital pathology as part of their existing workflows.  As a web based platform, PathXL can be deployed locally on a customer site or provided as a managed hosted service in the cloud, enabling clients to experience the value of remote digital pathology, without the overhead of managing their own platform or the need for major capital outlay or deployed onsite.


Phillip Murray, Executive Vice President of PathXL stated

PathXL is delighted to be working with OnQ to bring our portfolio of digital pathology applications to customers in Australia and New Zealand.   As well as distributing PathXL’s software, OnQ will be able to offer customers a full range of services – tailored to local needs and delivered locally.”


Nick Gannoulis of OnQ Software, stated:

“We recognise that digital pathology is moving from an era of point solutions to much greater maturity – transforming entire workflows in education, research and ultimately clinical use. PathXL is a visionary in the field of digital pathology software and leader in workflows to support pathologists.  We are delighted to be helping PathXL with its plans to grow a great business here in Australia and New Zealand”


About Path XL                                                                                                                                                   

PathXL specialises in web-based software and workflows for Digital Pathology. It’s PathXL™ Manager product provides a robust, secure and open web-based platform to enable digital pathology users across all fields to manage, view and collaborate around virtual slides easily and efficiently. In addition, PathXL provides a range of applications and workflows on top of PathXL™ Manager to deliver specific solutions to pathologists, scientists and students in Education, Research, Clinical and Biobanking settings. PathXL also provides a full range of supporting services, including scanning, hosting, image analysis and consultancy. PathXL operates in the UK, Europe and North America.

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About OnQ

OnQ Software is dedicated in providing leading edge custom technology solutions with the aim of enabling end to end integration across your entire workplace using our suite of state of the art software, tools and highly trained experts who can tailor a solution for your business needs

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OnQ Software enters Co-Marketing Agreement with MDR Medical Systems

OnQ Software  and MDR Medical Systems are proud to notify the Market of a new Co-Marketing agreement between the two companies for the distribution in Australia of the Noemalife Healthcare Software Solutions with the integration of a purpose built Billing System for the Australian Healthcare Market.

OnQ Software with NoemaLife are a leading provider of clinical and hospital IT Solutions and operates on the international market directly in Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Argentina, Chile, Japan, United Arab Emirates and can rely on an excellent partners’ network in Latin America, North-Europe and Australia

Mark Richardson, Managing Director for MDR Medical Systems commented: “ we are delighted to be working with OnQ Software in a co-operative marketing agreement between our companies which assists in providing a complete end to end solution for the Australian Health Care Industry. The relationship between OnQ Software and MDR Medical Systems will bring great value to each company in providing a complete solution, and together we expect to grow the presence of our software solutions in Australia”.

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v-TAC Software – the Venous to Arterial Conversion Software

The v-TAC Software can convert Peripheral Venous Acid-Base and Blood Gas values to Arterial Acid-Base and Blood Gas values, with an accuracy and precision useful in clinical practice, as from Arterial samples.
The v-TAC Software may reduce the pain associated with assessment of acid-base and oxygenation status, maximize the information obtained from peripheral venous blood and allow venous measurements to be presented as more commonly interpreted arterial values.

we believe that the routine assessment of venous blood gases as indicated (the v-TAC method) as it provides, if associated with pulse oximetry, more information on the general patient homeostasis than the arterial blood alone” [6],   stated by leading experts in Anesthesia  and Intensive Care.

v-TAC allows the healthcare professionals to reduce cost per blood sample

The cost of monitoring patients can be significantly reduced by doing venous samples instead of arterial punctures [5]. In essence, by implementing the v-TAC Software, it will allow the department to save 32% of the cost/sample, compared to arterial sampling.

In contrast, this would also allow the departments to increase the number of Venous blood samples by 32% – using the v-TAC Software to convert the Venous values to Arterial values and still operate within the same budget.

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