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PathXL annouces Automated Tumor Cell Counting on Digital H&E Slides

PathXL today announced it will unveil a significant upgrade to its award-winning product, TissueMark®, which will now include a powerful add-on for cell counting. The formal announcement will take place at the forthcoming Global Engage Digital Pathology Congress, to be held in London on Dec 4th and 5th, where PathXL’s founder and VP for R&D, Professor Peter Hamilton, will be giving a detailed presentation.

TissueMark will now include a powerful add-on for cell counting

The tumor cell counting capability is powered by PathXL’s Tissue Recognition Engine™ and is an extension to PathXL’s current TissueMark range, designed for the rapid and automated detection and analysis of tumor tissue on digitized, H&E stained tissue samples.

“Automated tumor cell counting is one of the most sought after applications in the field of digital imaging,” said Des Speed, CEO of PathXL. “I’m proud of the work our team have done here in bringing together several different approaches to crack this problem. The new TissueMark product will prove hugely valuable to those labs that need to feed accurate tumor content information into the molecular pathology process and for those wishing to establish strong quality and audit trails”

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Macrogen Selects GenoLogics’ Clarity LIMS to Strengthen X-Genome and Clinical Sequencing Services

October 21, 2014

Strengthening the Support for researchers and Clinical Customers
Reinforcing the Market Leadership through the X-Genome and Clinical Sequencing Service

Seoul, South Korea and San Francisco, USA – The personalized medicine biotechnology company Macrogen

( has announced it has licensed Clarity LIMS from GenoLogics Life Sciences Software

(, a leading provider of LIMS specifically designed for omics labs, to support its whole-genome sequencing and clinical sequencing services.


Read more here: Genologics News

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Photos from the AGTA Conference

OnQ Software recently attended the annual AGTA conference. Check out some of the photos we took below.

If you would like any information on the products that were on show, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to all who came and visited!

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Illumina Selects GenoLogics’ LIMS Software to Support HiSeq Customers

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – GenoLogics said today that Illumina has selected its Clarity laboratory information management system (LIMS) as the preferred software for customers of its HiSeq X Ten sequencing platform.

With this announcement, GenoLogics makes good on a promise it made earlier this year that an upcoming release of Clarity would include support for the HiSeq X Ten. Together, the companies are currently working on support for HiSeq X Ten whole-genome workflows and analysis pipelines, including those that will be used inside of Illumina, GenoLogics said. Additionally, Illumina will use Clarity to support its collaboration with Genomics England to sequence 100,000 genomes.

“Illumina is pleased to be working with GenoLogics to ensure HiSeq X Ten customers receive the LIMS support they need,” Alex Dickinson, Illumina’s senior vice president of strategic initiatives, said in a statement. “Scaling a lab to deliver the $1,000 genome presents unique challenges and GenoLogics has the demonstrated ability and understanding of our technologies to support these labs.”
GenoLogics’ Clarity already supports Illumina’s TruSight individual genome sequencing test as well as its HiSeq, MiSeq, and Genome Analyzer sequencers.
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Gaining Clarity – GenoLogics Clarity LIMS UGM

Clarity LIMS User Group Meeting
October 22nd, 2014. San Diego, CA

Registration for the UGM is now open and free! Please visit GenoLogics’ website to register.

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14th annual conference of the Australasian Genomic Technologies Association

OnQ Software will be attending the annual AGTA conference this year between the 12th and 15th October. 

Come see as at booth No. 18

The AGTA conference (formerly known as AMATA) is Australia’s foremost genomic technology conference. It is an essential event for researchers and industry representatives who work with genomic technologies in a variety of contexts including platform development, medical genomics, functional genomics, non-model systems, epigenomics and plant genomics. The conference also offers an important opportunity for computational biologists, bioinformaticians and data visualisation specialists to interact with technologists and biologists. This unique mix is one of the reasons that the Australian genomics community has a dynamic cross-disciplinary and innovative approach to genomic analysis, and is at the forefront of analysis tools for new types of ‘omics data.

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Bio21 Morning Tea

OnQ Software recently attended the Bio21 Morning Tea. It was a great morning with lots of yummy treats for the attendees!

For more information regarding the solutions OnQ Software exhibited, please head to

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IAP Conference 2014 Photos

OnQ Software recently attended the IAP conference to showcase the Noemalife product range. Along side Managing Director Nick Gannoulis was Federico Falcioni who travelled from Noemalife’s head office in Italy.

If you have any further qustions regarding the products that were exhibited at the conference, please contact us at The Noemalife product range can be seen on our website at

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WCTB7 Conference 2014 – Photos

Here are some quick photos from the first day of the World Congress on Tissue Banking Conference here in Melbourne

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Upcoming Conferences

OnQ Software will be attending the the following upcoming conferences
The 7th World Congress on Tissue Banking 2014.

12th – 14th  May 2014
International Academy of Pathology Conference
39th Annual Scientific Meeting.
Brisbane Convention Centre, South Bank,
Brisbane, Australia.
May 30 – 1st June 2014
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