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QLIMS present at Analytica Munich June 21-24

One more week till ANALYTICA in Munich.
There is no need for extend budgets, long implementation projects or old technology within your LIMS project.
Visit us at booth Hall B1-536 and discover the QLIMS approach.


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How a LIMS Complements your ERP

Please contact us to discuss ERP integrations and how QLIMS can support your laboratory and broader business.

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OnQ Software Opens European Customer Success Centre

Press release September 8, 2021

One year after OnQ Software opened its European office we have more news…Nero Office Hotel

In November of this year OnQ Software will open its European Customer Success Centre.

Located at the border of Germany and Belgium OnQ software will open a new facility to support our customers even better.

Customer and partner trainings will be hosted in the new centre as well as customer requirements workshops and introduction events.

The location is very central positioned in Roermond, The Netherlands with direct access to highways. The airport of Düsseldorf (D) is only 40 minutes away and it is a 5 minute walk from the main railway station of Roermond.

Nero Office hotel & City café will host the European Customer Success Centre offering meeting and training rooms, restaurant  and bar, hotel rooms and much more…

The offices of OnQ Software Europe will also move to this new inspired location.

As from November we hope to host many of our customers, prospects and partners in our Centre overlooking the museum of the famous architect Piere Cuypers. (1827-1921).

For visiting us please make your appointment at

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Clever admin tools for fast implementation

The last weeks I posted a few articles about QLIMS clever tools to speed up the implementation. Focus on QLIMS as a real SaaS or private Cloud implementation.

What is still possible for a LIMS administrator in a cloud deployment? Way more than you think.

Below I summarize a few of these smart tools.

If I want a LIMS as a Service (SaaS), can I still make changes to the system?

YES you can! With QLIMS.

The flexible administration tools of QLIMS allow you change fields, create new fields and even change their behavior without any programming skills. We believe that you need the power to adapt your LIMS to a new workflow and not pay again the vendor.

QLIMS has more of those smart tools to make a SaaS LIMS YOUR LIMS.



If I want a LIMS as a Service (SaaS), can I still upload my existing static / master data?

YES you can! With QLIMS.

We have a dedicated set of tools to import Static or Master data into QLIMS. If you have your Static in files, the Data import Wizard will guide you thru all the steps including Automatically mapping of your data to the QLIMS tables.

QLIMS has more of those smart tools to make a SaaS LIMS YOUR LIMS. Easy to implement, easy to maintain, by YOU!


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Where leading technology can take you to…

We show you something else, Something new, Something refreshing.
Maybe be the best LIMS on the market….

Lab Grow –> #QLIMS
Contact us if you want to be part of it

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Make LIMS work for you

LIMS is developed into a complex software solution. Sometimes too complex!

Does it still fulfil its purpose to support your lab process and reduce you administration?

Is it still manageable if your processes change or develop, or does it block your Lab Grow?

Becomes a LIMS implementation a many years Project where in and output don’t match anymore?

There is an alternative. QLIMS and just take a look at QLIMS as a SaaS and you will be surprised how many of your initial goals you can meet with this!

Make your LIMS work for you…not the other way around


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Transform your lab

Building the QA lab of the future

Digital technology is becoming essential for businesses across all industries. But in many ways, quality assurance (QA) laboratories — whether they are in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental science or any number of other fields—are still operating with the kind of technology that was around in the 1990s. It’s time to step into the future. Click here for more: Transform Your Lab

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QLIMS and its partners

OnQ Software is proud to make QLIMS, maybe the best LIMS out there, available around the globe.

Together with our Partners we are standing next to our customers during and after their LIMS journey.


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QLIMS the realistic alternative….

If you are planning to upgrade your LIMS, renew your LIMS or implement a LIMS at your laboratory…?
Realize that there is a realistic alternative for the LIMS products you already know!
Take a look at QLIMS….if you are looking for a product instead an endless project and want to spend your money on Science not on Software.

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