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Water Outlook integration added to QLIMS

OnQ Software is pleased to announce the release of our new off the shelf integration to WaterOutlook, an operational data management system, to combine lab results with data from SCADA and field staff.

The addition to our integrations catalogue allows customers to maximise the use and benefits of both LIMS and WaterOutlook by allowing data to transfer securely and easily between the two. They may then use the data to make better decisions while having the peace of mind that the integration is fully supported.

See below workflow on how the integration works:

Q LIMS to WaterOutlook workflow

About WaterOutlook:

The WaterOutlook cloud-based system is a unique ‘one stop shop’ for operational data and reporting. As an operational and compliance management tool, it provides real time information on how plants are operating and gives instant alerts to issues that would otherwise take several days to filter through.

Now all your operational and compliance data can be in the same place.

Designed by the industry for the industry and used by 60% of New Zealand Local Government, it is easily operated via a web portal or mobile device. WaterOutlook allows users to know on a daily basis how their utilities are performing within operational and consent parameters.

WaterOutlook has no vested interest in the data.

WaterOutlook is a data storage and transport system and do not use Council data for secondary income streams such as consultancy. This means WaterOutlook maintains the highest level of audit integrity and eliminates any question of conflict of interest in data service provision.

For enquiries on the integration please contact us via our website or if you’re an existing customer, through the support portal.

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