LIMS and laboratory management solutions

When the data means everything, but resources are in high demand you need a system that acts as an extension of your own skills.
You need a system created by scientists, for scientists, which works with how you work and what you are trying to achieve.
Because, ultimately, the best results will come from a system that is lab grown.
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A LIMS, laboratory information management system, designed to break down data silos and create a more efficient and more productive laboratory.
Features include lab automation, system and instrument integration, sample accessioning, batch management, audit trails, resource planning and inventory management.


Effectively and easily manage pre-natal and paternity cases and the testing associated with each sample. Pethiko includes paternity calculations and allele frequency which can be uploaded to automate the process. For further automation Pethiko can be expanded to include full LIMS functionality.

For Genomics Labs.

Clarity LIMS is a system built specifically for the needs of genomics laboratories to provide end-to-end workflow tracking and integration, time-saving automation for complex and mundane tasks, production ready workflows, management reporting functionality, support for regulatory compliance, and role-based interfaces designed to match the needs of individuals in the lab.

Philips Digital Pathology.

Philip's software tools are enhancing precision in molecular research, accelerating biomarker discovery, supporting international studies through web-based collaboration, allowing remote pathology review and reporting from anywhere in the world and driving up quality standards in pathology based education and discovery.


Tracking Solutions

Secure Wireless ID and temperature tracking for extreme environments.


Sample Management Software

Full-featured sample tracking, biorepository management, and freezer inventory program has the flexibility of a fully configurable solution while adhering to best practices and regulatory requirements.

OnQ Software has a range of LIMS and laboratory management solutions

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